Magnetic Directory Distribution Agreement

FIVEFISH would like to thank you for choosing to participate in our Magnetic Directory program featuring your organization. It is with support from you that we are able to provide these directories free of charge to the residents in the area you serve.

By participating in this program, FIVEFISH is providing your company with a complimentary informational ad placement. You will receive a shipment of the directories to distribute throughout the community up to two (2) times over the next one (1) year for each area(s).

When calling local businesses for sponsorship on your publication, FIVEFISH will let the local businesses know that these items will feature information important to your organization and will be distributed by your location(s), free of charge.

When creating your informational ad placement, you may select to have any sort of information provided and designed for you. Such examples may include cooking measurement conversion charts, upcoming events, public service announcements important to your organization, or any other information you want and is important to the community you serve.

If you have any questions in regards to this matter, please feel free to contact our customer support department. Please fill out the following information and agreement. Thank you for allowing FIVEFISH to SERVE you. Your support is greatly appreciated!